1. Do you have a price sheet?

No, we don't have a standard price sheet. Each job is dependent on so many variables — print locations, thread count, number of colors, order size, type of garment — that it makes it impossible for us to have a standard price sheet. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll be happy to put together a quote for you.

2. What are your payment terms?

In some cases, we require a 50% deposit to begin production. The remaining balance is due when the order is finished.

3. How can I pay for my order?

We accept all major forms of payment — cash, check, and credit cards. For team orders, we prefer to receive a single check for orders vs. receiving a group of individual checks.

4. I don't want my order to be shared on social media ... is that okay?

Yes, of course. Although we enjoy showing off your order and our craft to the world, we certainly understand if you'd like it to be kept just between us. However, unless instructed otherwise, we assume we have your full permission to post on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as list you as a featured client in marketing materials such as our website, email signatures, and brochures.


1. What is your standard turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time is 12 business days. Turnaround time varies depending on the time of year and our production schedule. Your sales rep will confirm your delivery date with you when discussing your order.

2. Do you offer rush services?

Orders that require a delivery date sooner than our standard turnaround time will be subject to rush fees. The availability of our rush service is dependent on our production schedule. Please factor in extra time if your order is to be shipped to you, as we do not factor in shipping to our turnaround times.

3. What is the under/over run allowance?

Screen printing and embroidery are art forms as much as they are science. We do our very best to deliver each order to spec, however, mistakes happen; screens, threads, and needles break, garments arrive from the manufacturer with holes or stains, etc. A general standard for our industry is a 3-5% allowance. We highly recommend ordering an extra product or two if you are ordering exact quantities.

4. If I bring my own shirts, can you print them?

No, we do not screen print on customer-supplied products.

5. Can I get a sample garment before placing a full production run?

Absolutely! We are happy to order a blank sample of the product you're interested in. We do not embellish sample pieces. You will not be charged for sample items, as long as we get it back from you in time to use in your job. If you change your mind and don't end up using the sample piece, we will charge you the blank product price for that item.

6. How will I receive my order?

Completed orders are available for pickup at our store location in Fairfax Station. We have the ability to deliver or ship your order, please be sure to notify your sales rep if you need your order shipped or delivered. Shipping and delivery fees are not a part of our regular pricing or job turnaround time, so using these methods can incur additional fees and extended delivery dates.

7. How is my order packaged?

We will make every effort to ensure your order is finished and packaged neatly and in an organized manner. For bulk orders, we generally fold apparel in quantities of 12. We box orders and label boxes appropriately, making them easy to identify.

Screen Printing

1. What is screen printing and how does it work?

Screen printing is the application of ink onto a garment, which is then sent through a dryer to cure. Screen printing looks best on items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and other casual wear.
A "Screen" is a mesh material stretched over a frame to create tension. The logo is stenciled out of the screen, creating a negative image where the image will be printed. The printer then drags ink across the screen using a squeegee, which imprints the ink logo onto the item.
For every color that will be printed in your logo, a screen is required. Creating a screen is a laborious process, which is why screen printing is best suited for large quantity jobs.

2. What are your production capabilities?

Our production facility currently features two manual and two automatic screen print presses. When all of the presses are producing, we can finish thousands of printed garments in a single workday.

3. What is your minimum order?

The minimum order per logo is 12 pieces.

The 12 piece minimum is based on the logo being printed, not the apparel that it is being printed on.

The 12 pieces can be divided among different garments as long as the same logo, at the same size, is being printed across all garments. The material of the items needs to be consistent as well (i.e. all cotton items, or all polyester items, we can't mix the two). For example, you can order 4 hoodies, 4 t-shirts, and 4 long sleeve t-shirts as long as all items get printed with the exact same logo.

4. Are all items printed with the same kind of ink?

No! Screen Printing technology has advanced to the point that we specialize ink based on the material of the item(s) being printed on. Apparel today varies so much that different inks have been developed for specialty items.

For example, we have an ink that we use for 100% cotton items, like your standard t-shirt. If a volleyball team orders polyester jerseys that are compression fit and stretch some when being worn, we have a special polyester ink that will stretch with the shirt.

The bottom line is that whatever style of apparel you need printed, we can get the job done.

5. What can I do to lower the cost?

There are a few things you can do to lower the cost of your screen print job:
  • Use white shirts. White shirts are less expensive due to the lack of dye needed for production. It's also easier for us to print bright and vibrant colors, meaning it's a quicker process and we don't have to use as much ink. Consider printing on white shirts instead of color if you're looking to trim a few dollars off of your order.
  • Use fewer ink colors. Every additional color in your design requires an additional screen and print charge. If you reduce the amount of ink colors even by just one, you can save significant money.
  • Order in bulk. A large chunk of the costs associated with screen printing are fixed costs resulting from the setup stage. The more garments you can divide this number over, the less expensive each garment will be.
  • Print fewer locations.Every additional print location requires an additional screen and print charge. If you're looking to save money, consider using fewer print locations in your design.


1. What is embroidery and how does it work?

Embroidery is the stitching of thread through a garment and looks best on polo shirts, golf shirts, hats, jackets, and bags. It's the perfect solution for corporate apparel and a more professional look.

2. What are your production capabilities?

We have five single-head and two four-head embroidery machines, for a total of 13 heads. We are fully capable of producing smaller 6-piece jobs and larger 1,000-piece jobs.

3. What is the minimum order?

Unlike screen printing, there isn't much setup time involved in embroidery. Therefore, the minimum order for embroidery is 6 pieces.

4. What can I do to lower the cost?

There are a few things you can do to lower the cost of your embroidery job:
  • Simplify your design. Embroidery pricing is heavily dependent on stitch count. Simplifying the design and lowering the stitch count will save you some money.
  • Order in bulk. We have bulk price breaks at 12, 36, 72, and 144 pieces. Each tier lowers the per-piece price significantly.
  • Embroider fewer locations. Every additional location means the garment must be removed from the machine, re-hooped, and embroidered again. If you're looking to save money, consider using fewer locations in your design.

Logo Design

1. Can you create a logo for me?

Yes, we have full time graphic designers on staff for both Screen Printing and Embroidery artwork. Upon receiving your initial mockup, you are entitled one additional set of revisions free of charge. Additional revisions past that point will incur additional fees to be billed at our current rate of $75 per hour. We are not responsible for errors, misspellings, or otherwise on approved artwork.

2. I'm designing my own artwork. What file format should I submit my design in?

Artwork files need to be in vector format (.EPS, .AI, .CDR, or .PDF). Please convert all text to curves before submitting.

3. Will you send me an artwork proof?

Yes, even if you created your artwork yourself, we still send a final digital mockup for approval before beginning production. Please note: Taking more than 24 hours to approve your order will add to your turnaround time.

4. Do I own the artwork if you create it for me?

Yes, our custom logo design rate includes full ownership rights of the final design.

5. Can you print a logo off a website?

No. Most web images are at too low of a resolution to be used for quality artwork. Given the way that embroidery and screen printing work, we require vector artwork in order to do finish the job.

6. Can you match a custom Pantone number?

Yes we can. We also have an extensive inventory of stock inks to choose from and we're bound to have something close. If not, custom Pantone matching is available at $40 per color.

7. Why does my artwork need to be digitized for embroidery?

Embroidery machines require a special type of file in order to understand how to stitch a logo. The process of converting a regular image (.JPG file, or similar) into a file we can stitch from is referred to as Digitizing. Unless your logo is a very simple, text-only logo using a stock font, there will be a one-time Digitizing fee of $45 for all new embroidery orders, regardless of who created the artwork. This is a one-time fee, once the Digitizing fee has been paid we have your logo on file and able to stitch for any future orders.


1. I changed my mind. Can I cancel my order?

Cancelled orders will be subject to charges for all work performed and a 25% restocking fee on all goods ordered. Printed merchandise cannot be returned or exchanged.

2. I'm not happy with the shirt I chose, what do I do now?

Our sales reps work very hard to ensure that the produce you select is exactly what you want. However, once you have selected a product, we can't be responsible for you not liking the garments chosen for your order. We expect you to do some research of your own or asks your sales rep for any info needed to ensure the product is what you want. We can provide size specs but we recommend you confirm and verify the garment is going to fit as you intend. If there's any doubt about whether you'll like the garment, we recommend ordering a blank sample first.

3. I don't like my order, can I return it?

Our process allows you control over the order via approval of items, pricing, and artwork before we produce the order. If we make an error and your order doesn't match the digital mockup you approved, you can absolutely return the order and ask for a re-do. Obviously, that's not something either of us want and we work hard to ensure you get exactly what you're expecting. Please check your order and notify us of any problems within 72 hours of delivery. We are not responsible for any error orders after 72 hours of delivery.

4. I never picked my order up, do you still have it?

Obviously, we rely on customers to pick up their orders if we are not providing a delivery service. We always make multiple attempts to contact you if your order does not get picked up in a timely manner. If your order is still at our store after 6 months, with no contact from the person who placed it, we will donate the order to one of several local charitable organizations.

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