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Web Stores take the hassle out of creating and managing team or group orders.

No managing order forms or sorting orders.

No wondering when your order will arrive.

We individually bag and sort orders for you, making distribution of orders a worry-free part of the process.

A Web Store Features Three Phases

1. Setup

  • A BSG sales rep works with the Point of Contact for your team or group to get the website prepared.

  • This phase includes selecting products, logos and all details about the items being offered in the Web Store.

  • An important part of the Setup phase is deciding the timeline of the website. The BSG sales rep will work with the POC to determine when the website needs to close in order to complete the order on time.

2. Ordering

  • The Web Store has been reviewed and approved. This phase features repeated promotion of the website to your group.
  • The POC has the option to receive daily updates of how many orders have been placed. We also have the ability to send the POC a list of all people that have ordered.
  • The POC is responsible for promoting the website to their group, with the help of their BSG sales rep.

3. Production

  • The Web Store has closed and all orders have been placed. No late orders can be taken.
  • In this phase, BSG is doing all work needed to complete the orders from your Web Store.
  • Once the production processes have been finished, we individually bag each order. We always staple a copy of the full order to the outside of the bag to make it easy to identify and verify each order.

What Makes BSG Web Stores Better?

We make the money process easy on everyone
Pricing will be determined by a number of factors, including total number of items offered, how many different designs are being used, how many items are being personalized, and others.

Web Stores can easily be used as a fundraiser for your team/group. You can apply your profits to future team/group needs (such as uniforms, equipment or trophies).

We help you promote your website
By creating a flyer for you to pass out to your team/group, you can easily get the word out on how and when the website can be accessed using your unique group code.

Complete control at every step
You review and approve all artwork for the website before the site is created. You will also review the website before it goes live. Once the site has been reviewed and you've promoted it to your team/group, you'll receive daily email updates on how the orders are going.

We make it easy to distribute orders
We offer order sorting by any categories your group needs. That way, whether you're taking orders to a practice field, a classroom, or wherever, the distribution process will be worry-free.

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Create team pride, bring your group together

We know how important it is to be able to wear your spirit wear during your season, which is why we always strive to deliver on time.

Your team or group will feel a renewed sense of pride and unity with their new gear. We take pride in helping you make that happen.

Not Just For Sports Teams

Web Stores are great for a variety of purposes, including staff/employee apparel, school spirit wear, volunteer or charitable groups, bands/music, and many others.


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