Key Features

  • All orders are placed and paid for online - no managing order forms, no collecting cash or checks.
  • Apparel and logos are pre-designed - create a unique, branded look for your team or group. We offer seasonal product/logo updates.
  • Packaging and sorting is standard - we individually package each order, and can sort the orders as you need (by team, by grade, etc.).
  • Ordering is available 24/7.

Perfect for...

  • Youth Sports Leagues, Adult Sports Leagues, and similar large organizations.
  • Businesses or corporations. Web Stores are a great way to offer your custom merchandise and grow your brand!
  • School Staff apparel. Give teachers & other staff the chance to choose what apparel they want, and when they want to buy it.

Please note that we typically limit Perpetual Web Stores to groups of at least 100-250 participants, and we reserve the right to refuse this service for any reason we see fit

What sets BSG apart from the competition?

  • Our custom-made online ordering website is unique to our company and allows us to produce amazing apparel quickly and affordably.
  • Security - our online ordering system is SSL encrypted and we are partnered with Stripe, who we feel is the best payment processor available.
  • Control - along with our unique ordering website, we control all facets of the production process at our facilities in Fairfax, VA. This allows us control over the quality of your product and getting the order done on time.
  • Support - your sales rep will be ready to help at every step of the process. Our website specialists are available to help resolve any issues that come up.

Timeline of a Perpetual Web Store

Average time: 2 weeks

  • A rep from your group will work with a BSG sales rep to nail down all details of your Web Store.
  • See below to learn about this process

Always available!

  • Once we have your Web Store setup complete, the Store is available for orders 24/7.
  • There are no minimum order requirements for a Perpetual Web Store.
  • Orders are processed every 2-3 business days.

Average time: 2-3 weeks

  • We handle every step of the production process
  • Finished orders can be shipped or picked up from our store in Fairfax Station, VA.

Setup Process
Read how to get a Perpetual Web Store started.                           If you're ready to get your website underway, please click here

Step #1 Contact us (phone, email, or at our store in Fairfax Station) to get your order started. You'll be connected to a BSG sales rep who will help you through the entire ordering process. We recommend setting up an in-person meeting to get the Web Store process underway.

Step #2
Work with your sales rep to finalize the items that will be offered and the logos that will be applied to those items.

Step #3
Once the items and logos have been finalized, the sales rep will send you pricing for the items. You can add a mark-up to the pricing to create a fundraiser for your team/group.

Step #4
After the item details are finished and the pricing is approved, we start building the Web Store and creating the artwork needed. We will mockup the items that will be offered on the Web Store and send the proofs via email, your approval is required to move forward.

Step #5
Art proofs have been approved and pricing has been finalized. We finish building the structure of your Web Store, and add the approved pictures of the items to the site.

Step #6
Your Store goes through an internal review to make sure we captured all details required. Once we have reviewed and approve the Store, we send you an email and ask you to do the same.

Step #7
We're ready for orders! Once you've reviewed and approved the site, you can begin promoting. We create a custom flyer that you can use for to promote the Web Store.

Photo by kali9/iStock / Getty Images

Create team pride, bring your group together

We know how important it is to be able to wear your spirit wear during your season, which is why we always strive to deliver on time. Your team or group will feel a renewed sense of pride and unity with their new gear. We take pride in helping you make that happen.